It is 1998 and the leader of the free world is under fire for his affair with a young intern. Meanwhile in a corner of South London, the Malik sisters have also committed a sin: they are in their thirties and still not married. 

But the unexpected return of their childhood playmate, now a handsome and eligible filmmaker, spells the chance of a happy ending – for one of them. 


As the eldest, evolutionary biologist Sufya is first in the sibling pecking order. But theatre-maker Zarina is determined that this time she will be the one centre-stage, even if it means resorting to dubious occult practices to get her man.

If – as the mystics say - djinns dwell in triangular spaces, what dark power might be unleashed by a

love triangle?

As tensions rise across the Muslim world, sibling rivalry and Sufi spells are not the only forces with which the three lovers must contend.